Fireside Investment Group

Emergent Home Purchase

(our most successful program for distressed sellers)

Owners sometimes find themselves in emergent situations where they need to sell immediately and below market value. We offer fast sales that benefit all parties involved.

Home Sales

We offer professional, licensed real estate sales to sell your home when emergent sales are not needed.

What to do when you are short cash and need to sell your house!

Life happens and sometimes it’s not good. We’ve been through it and we are here to help! Our emergent sales program connects you with cash buyers to help you close on your home FAST! You won’t need to declutter, clean, fix or stage anything in your home.  This can happen in as little as 5 days if needed. You will just need to worry about packing.

Info graphic home buying
This is the process for how we buy your home!

Home Rehabilitation

We take rundown homes and make them shine! The neighbors love us and the house takes on new life adding character and value to local neighborhoods!

Next Steps…

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