Buying houses fast is what we do. This process can bring about many questions. We are here to answer them for you! If we don’t have the answer here please don’t hesitate to ask and we will get the answer to you ASAP!

Your individual situation requires a team to get the right results for you!

How do you buy houses so fast?

We’ve developed business relationships with private lenders that do not require the traditional, lengthy loan process that banks require. We can purchase houses in as little as 5 days if needed.  This works well if the house is vacant but often times the owner needs more time to find a new place to live.

Can you sell my house on the MLS?

Yes, typically home-owners in a pinch do not have time to do what is necessary to get top dollar for their house on the retail market. However, we have programs that allow the first step of selling your home to be listed and marketed aggressively to retail buyers with an investor cash buy-out fall back option.

Why would someone want to see their house fast?

There are a lot of reasons someone may need to sell quickly. The obvious answers are foreclosure, divorce, job loss, death, unwanted inheritance or maybe imprisonment. These situations are incredibly taxing emotionally and financially and often require a swift transaction.

How can you stop my foreclosure?

We stop the foreclosure process by purchasing your property for a fair price.  It’s best to do this before you are too many payments behind.  Your credit goes down with each missed payment, your foreclosure fees add up, and our offer typically reduces to cover the additional costs.

Do you have customer service?

Yes! We are here for you during this process with full access to our service and communication.