Our Approach

We are highly invested in our local community. We want the people here to succeed and our neighborhoods to thrive.  It’s important to us to help people in a way that benefits them in the short and long term. Fireside Investment Group allows us to help people and renew our community in a way that is beneficial for many.

Our Story

Fireside Investment Group was born out of a desire to work together as a family.  We sat around a campfire in Cotopaxi, Colorado and dreamed up a business that utilized many of our talents as a group.  You will find us consistently projecting on our own home and brainstorming what would help make Greeley, Colorado a better community.  Rehabbing homes in our community gets us all very excited to make a positive difference!

Meet the Team

John and Ashley are the owners or Fireside Investment Group. You will likely meet them both at any given time during your time together. They make friends easily and you will likely feel comfortable entrusting them with your needs.  You can expect them to communicate with you consistently in order to ensure a smooth transaction for all involved.

John Colgate


John enjoyed losing an inch in height while working the drywall scene for 11 years and then serving the local community as a police officer after that. He enjoys woodworking, disc golf, camping and time with family.

Ashley Colgate


Ashley loves squirrels and has an odd knowledge of celebrity offspring. She currently works as a Realtor with Equity and enjoys all things real estate, except the paperwork. When not with clients she spends her time gardening, home improvement projects and wrangling children.

Colgate Kids


These 5 are John and Ashley’s “why”. Why they do what they do is to provide the best future for their children possible. You will see them at the job sites learning about the various aspects of real estate investing.

Next Steps…

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